Creating ISO from PS2 disc (Particularly God of War)

I understand that threads exist like this, but i believe this to be a slightly different problem.

I’m trying to make a backup of God of War I, but i require to make an ISO image of it first and patch it before burning it instead of a 1:1 copy. This is due to my usage of a memeto hacked memor32 to mod my ps2.

The problem arises when i try to make the ISO image, i have used multiple programs, even ones that people recommend for backing up God of War, and i still encounter problems.

All backups i make are using alcohol 120% and on Sony DVD+R 16x media.

Firstly, Alcohol 120% doesnt make iso’s of dvds.

MagicISO creates an image fine, but even with the original being clean and unscratched, the backup freezes in the same spot every time i play it (when i first get to pandora’s palace for people that have played the game). This i believe is not a problem with the memor32 and the game being incompatible as people on the memento boards say that god of war works fine all the way thru.

ISORecorder gave the same problem as MagicISO.

The other category of problems and the main one i would like to hear peoples thoughts about, arises when i make images using Nero, UltraISO or DVDDecrypter (recommended by heaps for backing up God of War). When I the disc in the drive, windows says that its 3.62 GB, i normal DVD5 game. But Nero, ultraISO and DVDDecrypter believe that the disc is closer to 7.5GB when i image it. These programs are much more trustworthy than the other two i tried and yet they think its a DVD9 game.

Thanks for your thoughts.

**EDIT: Someone told me God of War wasn’t dual layer, but it obviously is… sorry for the inconvenience.

Is this worth all the hassle? Why not just using the original?
And no, the “could get scratched” argument is no valid one, really.

Without doubt Nero is no program to create such a “backup”.

And no, the “could get scratched” argument is no valid one, really.

You must not have kids or keep your cds, dvds, game discs, etc. under lock and key.

Some folks actually want to make a backup to prevent damage. Not all, but some.

I agree.

“Not all, but some.”