Creating iso files using dvd shrink

is there a way to have dvd shrink output an iso file rather than a Video_TS & Audio_TS folder? i don’t see an option in dvd shrink where i can do this?

It’s so easy that I’m surprised you never noticed it. :confused:

When you press the “Backup” button, the option is right there, in the drop-down menu…

Consider reading the DVD9>DVD5 guides mentioned in my signature :slight_smile:

thanks francksoy. i’ve been using “burn with nero” option for while that i just miss that there are other options in the drop down box.

actually its not so obvious. In fact it does not work at all.

I tell it to create ISO and it REFUSES and instead makes me a


set of files. ie anything over 1gb is made into a seperate file.

how do I STOP that and actually get a SINGLE xxx.iso

even when I UNCHECK split vobs into 1gb chunks (which should have ZERO effect on an ISO image) it still does the same thing. makes I00 I01 I02 files instead of a single ISO.


Are you using DVDShrink to do the decryption as well as the ripping? If so, you may have run into a dvd that it cannot decrypt properly. Development on Shrink stopped 5 or 6 yrs ago, and it will not work with dvds that have structural protection as well as the normal CSS encryption.

I’ve never had DVDShrink fail to make an ISO if needed. I use it in conjunction with AnyDVD for decryption. Perhaps you should uninstall and reinstall the program.

Get it from a trusted source like this site: Use the direct link.

Is your OS using FAT32 ?

The disc is NOT encrypted and yes FAT32 (its under 4gb)

I figured out how to make DVDFAB do it and it works perfectly. for 9 out of 10 this will be fine but for some films DVDFAB is odd and shrink is better. Oh Well I guess I will have to yse dvdfab and home I can munge those oddball discs here and their.

We have a video system that uses solid state player (WD.TV) and we cycle through some videos. its getting hinky with vob’s since it plays them in order LITERALLY ie first vob of 1st movie then 1st vob of second movie (see the problem)

So I am trying ISO’s to see how it chews on those :slight_smile: