Creating iPod videos with mainconcept, possible audio problem


I’ve ordered couple days ago an iPod (Generation 6, not arrived yet comes in a couple of days!) and have converted some videos to ipod compatible format (I hope so) with mainconcept h264 encoder v2.

The trouble is with the audio, it is sometimes higher than 160 kbps, and this could be trouble when playing on iPod. I’ve checked with Nero showtime, which not only shows video bitrate but also audio bitrate, Also the video bitrate goes above 768 kbps, even if the settings tells that bitrade should be up to 768 kbps

Mainconcept has an iPod profile: resolution: 320x240 bitrate: up to 768 kbps (600 average) Audio: many settings to choose from (constant, variable all in AAC).

I’ve experimented with audio settings and chosen the one that doesn’t make audio go over 160, but on some videos it does (not all the time since it’s variable bitrate)

I like the program because it can do things very fast (1 pass).My recorded DVD it could do 2 hours of videos in about 50 minutes (not standard quality, 4 hours on DVD). Commercial DVD it took about 1,5 hours, very fast!

But my question is, will this videos be watchable on iPod? I will give you a link to a clip you can download, which has audio sometimes over 160 kbps, so you with iPod generation 5 & 6 you could test and tell me.

Also If it doesn’t work could you recomend me a program that will do the same thing as above and as fast as the program above?

Much appreceated!

Link to video (commercial DVD, Sandra - Secret Land (93 mix)):

We do not condone linking to downloaded movies here, you have to own the movie to back it up. Sorry. Thread closed.