Creating Image File in Nero

Is there an easier way of creating an image file of a CD than

a) Select Image Recorder - Virtual Device
b) Copy CD (to Image Recorder)

It is crazy, Copy CD creates an image file somewhere in a Temp folder then burns it via Image Recorder to a file on a hard drive. Then it deletes the original image file. To top it all, I always forget to revert back to my CDRW.

I would say this should be a single click funtion on the wizard or in the New Compilation dialog.

Does anyone know better solution?

if youre creating an image in nero through the wizard, youll want to select the following:

  • compile a new cd
  • other cd formats
  • create a cd from an image format

then, youll get a open dialogue box asking you to select the image file…that supposedly exists on your hard drive. select that and youre ready to burn.

try that and see if you like that method a little better.

also, any reason why your “nickname” is czechmate, but youre from south africa? please explain. im curious to know.

Ok, I think I did not make myself clear. I did not mean to burn an
image onto a CD, I meant creating image file (.nrg) from a CD.

For example I needed to make 3 copies of one CD. Since I have
only one CD drive (CDRW) on my PC, I thought the best way of
doing it would be to create an image (.nrg) from the original CD
and then simly burn it onto new CDs one by one, from the same
image file.

This is when I got sort of stuck and could not figure an easy way
of creating the image. I read the help but German Engineering
(it is good by all means) seems to be very complicated.

I was born in Czechoslovakia but I’ve lived in South Africa last 34
years or so, hence my nickname:))

for more copies , just change the number of copies you want to do, from 1 to 3 for example.
creating an image go to recorder - choose recorder - image recorder. Then make a new compilation (copy cd or iso or ???) Nero will ask you where you want to save the ISO! It will delete the temp iso it makes (in case you select copy cd and is checked Delete image after burning) but your real iso will be saved there you want!

You’re right Rotame. I never used Copy in Nero itself, I did it with Nero Express. Yeah it works fine…I still have to remember to re-select my CDRW after using Image Recorder:))

:slight_smile: :bigsmile: :wink: