Creating home dvd with power producer, simple question ;)

I have around 27 AVI files totalling about 3.6 gigabytes which equals about 10 hours. I figure this should fill a standard dvd of 4.5, so I open power producer and make it so that each avi file is one chapter, create a simple menu system and just to be sure I tell it to burn a ‘dvd folder’ (so Ic an make sure it works the way i want and let it burn onto dvd afterwards), it worked really slowly, eventually I realized it intended on building a dvd folder of aropuind 40 gigabytes!

can I fix this???

I think you must have DVD resolution for recording set too high for your DVD.

1 hour at the highest DVD resolution will actually take around 4GB (hence 40 GB for 10 hours).

Even though your AVIs are only 3.6 GB, they take 10 hours to play which indicates they are quite low resolution clips (otherwise they would take many (even 100’s of) GBs of space There is no real point in recording at a higher resolution that your original recordings.

I have an older version of Power Producer, and from memory the lowest setting was 3 hours for a DVD. What you actually need is a 10 hour setting which I doubt is available.

What you could do is build your DVD folder using the 3 hours (or lowest available setting) which would give you a dvd folder of perhaps 12 GB or so.

You could then use DVD Shrink (freeware) to reduce this to around 4GB to fit on a normal DVD.

so your saying, I should burn the thing into a dvd folder which will make 40 gigabytes for me then use dvd shrink to shrink it?

ok, I have decided to switch to nero’s dvd authoring tool which seams to give me faaaaaaar more flexibility than that crap with power dvd, do you know if its possible for me to put all those low res avi’s onto it?

<edit>the avi’s are in 640480 resolution, however nero doesn’t support that resolution, its only giving me 352576 or 720*576, can I change that or is there something I should know?

<edit #2>ok, so nero doesnt want to burn the full 10 hours onto the one disk, is there any dvd authoring tools out there that will let me do it?

ok, I suppose my question is simple: How can I author 10 hours worth of 27 avi files at a resolution of 640*480 of total size 3.6 gb onto a 4.5gigabytes dvd disk and not have to change resolution or anything?

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