Creating entry/search point on SVCD in Nero

Hello all,

I’m not sure if this is possible but I have been searching around the net for a solution to this problem without success.

I can create SVCD in Nero no problem but what I want to have is for the SVCD to be able to skip forward in much the same way you can with the chapters on a DVD. I’m pretty sure that this is possible, does anyone know how to do it?


I think you are talking about “chapter points.” Nero cannot do that.

I use VCDEasy (freeware) to burn video CD’s with those chapter points.

I usually select 1 minute chapter points since I can only get about 20 minutes on a CD in XSVCD form. You can select any time period that you desire for those chapter points in VCDEasy.

If you want to do XSVCD (720 x 480), you must uncheck the option “do some compliance checks” in VCDEasy. If you are doing standard SVCD (480 x 480) or VCD (352 x 240), then you can leave that option checked. (These are NTSC. I can’t remember the PAL equivalents at the moment … but I’m sure you understand what I mean.)


thanks, I’ll give that a go.