Creating DVD's



I dont know if this is even posible but if anyone knows anything I would greatly appreciate it. Heres my problem…

I need to burn a DVD with the following contents:

  1. Video file
  2. 2 channels of audio data (stero nothing fancy)
  3. Custom data to be transmitted over the SPDIF port only.

From what I can tell, you should have access to the various layers in the DVD itself. The question is can I transmit my custom data out of the spdif port while transmiting the audio out to the stereo lines and my video to a monitor?
Is this even possible?
Some intial testing leads me to believe that any audio data present on a dvd will automatically be transmitted out of any port (spdif or otherwise) which is on a dvd player. I am an extreme novice to all of this so any info would be great!

Thanks for any input


Video editing/authoring softwares allow for multiple video and audio tracks, so that part is easy… I need to know more about this custom spdif you feel you need.

You should be able to put any audio/video/photo type stuff, directly onto the timeline tracks, encode it, and walla…