Creating dvd's

I hope there is someone out there that can help me. I create dvd’s from mpeg2 files using Tmpgen dvd author. This limits the size of the dvd to approx 4.4 megs. Is there a way of creating the dvd from scratch with more than 4.4 megs ??? The software allows you to create the dvd files up to 8.8 meg (when using a multi layer disc). I have added more files and created the vob files for burning to disc. Obviously it wont fit on a normal dvd. I used dvd shrink to compress the files, but this messed up the quality. Is there an easier way to create the dvd or will I have to use another type of compression software ???


For a standard DVD (dvd5) you have to limit the size to 4.38 gb, for DL (dvd9) to approx. 8gb.

Yes it sounds stupid. Let me try and explain it another way. Using Tmpgen I create a dvd from mpeg files. The software limits me to approx 4.4 meg (as you said as well.) The software does however allow you to use more than the limit (for bigger capacity disc’s) I create the files for burning to dvd, but on the harddrive.(like backing-up a dvd disc) The files created can be compared to a normal dvd. Normally what would happen then is that these files gets written to a dvd but for obivious reasons it wont fit to a normal disc. I then use dvd shrink and compress the dvd files. The question is: Is there software that will allow me to compress the raw data (for the lack of a better word) immediately into dvd format for use on a normal dvd player ???

Try Nero’s VisionExpress. Will convert and compress. Also lets you create menus and so on and so forth.

Thanks, have got a copy of it lying around somewhere. Will try it. Stupid question: at the end of your post there is a link “how to check/enable DMA” what is this for / about ??? Also what is the smallest format that video can be in to create a dvd movie.

Just set the target size to 4.2gb instead and all should be fine.