Creating dvd



I have tried creating a dvd could someone please help is there a step by step web site where I can print out to try

My freind said I got to make a vob file how do I do that I hope someone can help as I have a lot of mortorcycle racing movies to put on dvd

Thank you


Hi there, welcome to our forum!

You want to create a video DVD. Video DVD’s indeed use VOB files for the mediadata.

The easiest way to make a DVD of serveral video’s (MPEG, AVI etc) is to make use of a DVD authoring tool. Programs like Intervideo WinDVD creator and TMPEGEnc DVD Author can do the job.

For the best, I’d suggest to download those programs and give them a try!

If you want more info, be sure to ask here, or search our forums for information!


tried these?