Creating DVD-Video Without A DVD Burner

I want to create a DVD-Video with the latest version of Nero. I want to create the DVD-Video on my laptop which does not have a DVD burner. Afterwards, I want to transfer the files from the laptop to my desktop computer which has a DVD burner. It seems if there is no DVD burner present in the machine, Nero does not give you the option to create DVD-Video. Is there a way I can create a DVD-Video on my laptop using Nero? Perhaps a program to mount a virtual DVD-RW (if there’s such a thing)?

While it might be possible you will probably encounter more problems moving large VOB files using CDs. I would spring for the $85 bucks and buy a new burner and an external enclosure. You could also do it with an adapter from Newegg and save a few bucks over the enclosure price…

Heh, from the title I thought it was a question about miniDVD. You know, DVD files on a CD, holds about 15 minutes or so, doesn’t work on very many players. Never heard of it? Just as well. :wink:

Yeah the transfer is the problem, eh? And VOBs run up to 1 GB. Might as well get the DVD burner unless you want to be swapping out hard drives. No, get the burner, it’s the only reasonable option. Good luck.

Use DVDDecrypter to put it on your laptop and or DVD Shrink. I hope you have your desktop and laptop on a network for file transfering.

I should think if the OP was on a network, he/she wouldn’t have asked the question. Or is that assuming too much?

Surely the simplest transfer method is a direct USB cable connection e.g.

as in URL

Still a lot cheaper than a new external burner.

re. original post - I think the problem is a bit more subtle. DVD shrink / decrypter will rip existing DVD-Videos, and a DVD-ROM is all that is needed. However, if you are creating DVDs from (say) a TV or graphics capture card, then I can see a potential problem, as Nero probably expects to see a DVD burner to use the DVD burning facility.

There may well be virtual DVD drives available on the web, which would fool Nero, but I don’t personally know of any.

However, there are other packages like Powerproducer will import mpegs/other dvds etc. and burn to “hard disk”. I don’t know if they would still expect a burner to be present though - if I get a moment, I’ll disable my burner and try it and let you know.

Of course by the time you buy a cable and something like Powerproducer then you probably might as well buy a burner.

To clarify my question - I am using my laptop to convert to DVD-Video for 2 reasons: (1) laptop is 2.8GHz vs my 850MHz desktop (conversion is faster)
(2) using my laptop doesn’t tie up my desktop which I use every day
I have a home network, so transferring the files isn’t an issue. The reason I like Nero is that it is simple and does a good job. I realize there are other packages available and have tried several - however as I stated, I prefer Nero and would like see if I could use this on my laptop which only has a DVD/CD-RW. Oilman has hit the nail on the head when he says, “Nero probably expects to see a DVD burner to use the DVD burning facility.” So, does anyone know of any virtual DVD-RW apps I can try or a way to create a DVD-Video on a computer without a DVD burner using Nero?

Thanks for your suggestions / opinions everyone!

@ WhatAboutBob
Can you see your desktop burner from your laptop over the network? Enabling that may allow nero to work on your laptop.

Doesn’t NeroVision offer options to burn to an image file or a directory on a hard drive?

I tried sharing my DVD burner on my desktop which I could see from the laptop (that works) but still does not enable me to use DVD-Video in Nero from my laptop. Thanks for the suggestion anyway “Please”.