Creating DVD Slideshow

Ok does anyone know how to make dvd style video…i have 2 dvd slides show program…the adusoft phto dvd slideshow and dvd slidesshow professional…however i cam so lost to how to create a sldiesshow. I also have the latest Nero.

Also is there an FAQ or a website dedicated to how to make DVD’s??


the tools you have should come with HELP/guides.

Yeh but they dont have step by step instruction…what are the tools that professional dvd makers use?

You might want to look at this program from Ulead:

But since you already have the latest Nero, I would simply download the help file for Nero Vision 4

Anyone? :bow:

if you’re after a hardcore app, with a ton of tweaks, take a look at Canopus Imaginate. Not the most intuitive to use, but can produce some very professional slideshows.

Hey thanks…but i am still unable to find instruction on how to use these programs…i used nero to make some sldieshow (own dvd) but the background couldnt be chanced…so thats why iam looking for other DVD-makers.

ALso how do u maek a dvd that has selection like subtitle, audios, previews etc? like a normal dvd? Iam asking because i was wondering if i could make my mkv anime files into an All in one dvd.

If you want extended instruction and guides then just buy a commercial product, they always come with instruction like that.

Is there reviews on these programs? Do they cost over $100?

You may find some here: