Creating DVD from several AVI files



Hello everyone

I have 6 .avi files created in divx that im trying to turn into a DVD. The problem is my mates computer has the DVD writer and he wont let me install any software on it ! He uses Nero to create and copy dvd’s etc. Does anyone know if i can firstly get those avi files into a format to be written to dvd then to get those files in an image i can just copy onto my friends computer through the router were joined by. Hope you can help !!


1 st option: First install/Download. Latest Nero 6. Than use create a image. With data disc.
Copy it to your friend.

2 nd: Copy those movies to your friends pc. And than burn it… or isn’t that possible???


I was meaning more like i was trying to turn the avi files into a proper dvd first, as in playable on a DVD player not just my computer.


I use Mainconcept to convert the avi to a dvd compliant mpeg
Tmpgenc dvd Author to load the mpeg and make menu and chapter/s and necessary dvd files. There are other programs but these are the 2 I use the most.
You can d/l a trial version of both