Creating DTS Cd

Does any one now how to creat a 5.1 (DTS) Audio cd…? :bow:

I read about doing this a while back. The site said something about using a special program to convert the DTS audio to a wave file. I did a search for some of the programs it listed but it seemed that almost all of them were for the MAC. If you want to see if maybe you can figure it out better then I can my search topic on google was “surround sound audio cd” or some where along those lines. Good luck.

What I’m after is the format/file structure for burning the DTS CD/DVD. Anyone point me in the right direction?


For a DTS Audio CD there is no file structure. The DTS audio file is conveted into a special wave format that can be burned to a normal audio cd but has to be read by special decoding hardware. At least that’s what I know from what I’ve read on the internet. As for an Audio DVD I have no idea what the file structure is.

Now the audio DVD I can help with, I’m pretty sure it’s the same file structure as a DVD. DVD title all in caps with any spaces as underscores, 2 folders called VIDEO_TS and AUDIO_TS and all of your audio VOB files in the VIDEO_TS folder. I know this sounds odd, but have a look at a normal DVD and everything seems to be contained in the VIDEO_TS folder.

Worked for me anyway.

I downloaded some DTS music files which end up as a single wav file.Using Nero I burned them to cd as a Make Audio and Data CD.It burns as one file but comes out 5.1 surround.I would like to know HOW to divide the cd so I can skip through song list.???

Try using EAC ‘split wav by cue’ and then burn with EAC by cue sheet.

Thanks for the tip.I downloaded Cue splitter and it works a treat…

Although yes this method can work for playing audio on a DVD it is not the DVD-Audio standard. I read some information about it on a few sites but I don’t have any details right now to quote from. What I do know is that all DVD-Audio files are stored in the AUDIO_TS folder. I don’t have and DVD-Audio discs of my own so the only information I can get is from searching google or through

If you want to create DTS CD from 6 channel mono waves you have to use Surcode CD encoder. The result will be 2channel PCM wave ,containg in fact 6 discrete channel DTS information, which will be playable only on DTS capable equpment in 6 channels. After you’ve burnt it onto CD ( as AUDIO CD!) you can use it in any cd player provided that it is linked digitally by SPDIF to a home theater system decoding DTS signal.

really good guides on there

EDIT: You can use VLC Player to play DTS encoded audio Cds

Hi there
I used SurCode CD-DTS and DVD-DTS but I only get a lot of noise… :frowning:
Even when I listen with the demo version. I just have 44.1K/24 bit files from Nuendo. I also made an WAV 5 channel does somebody knows how tho get this on a DTS cd or DVD???