Creating compilation files with Nero SDK

It appears that it is impossible to create .nri and other compilation files with the Nero API. If this is incorrect, someone please enlighten me (and any examples on doing it would be excellent), but I do think this is very odd. At any rate, I’m looking for one of the following:

  • File format specs on .nri and .nra
  • Information on portable CD layout formats. I’ve investigated cuesheets (and TOC files), but they don’t seem sufficient; if my understanding is correct, one cannot create a single data track comprised of multiple existing files. Any portable plaintext or standard binary format would be great.

Basically, I wish to create layout files without embedding the actual data in the file or any accompanying files; I want the contents of the disc to be burned from their original locations.

Any information or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!!

Did you ever find out how to create NRI files? I was wanting to create compilation files given the file names (of course, all files in the same directory) so i dont have to search through my list of files to find them.

Lets say you had 5000 mp3s in a directory with no folders, but you knew 40 of the file names. Is there a way to create an NRI file knowing the exactly location + file name of the 40 mp3s ?