Creating CDROM with Custom Boot Menu!



Hi all,
I would like to create my own bootable cdrom with my custom boot menu.!!!?
Recently i have purchase a cdrom from symantec called “system work”.this CD is bootable and when i boot my system with it,a dos-based menu
(like win98 sturtup memu…1)Normal 2)Safe Mode…and etc) appear in screen with the two following Items:

Symantec Startup Menu
1) Boot From Hard Drive
2) Boot From DC-Rom
Enter your Choice : 1

Also when i choose the second option, a submenu ( ofcourse in another screen ) appers as follows:

1) Norton Antivirus Emergency Disk Program
2) Normal Startup
3) View More Information

Now i 'm interested to build my own bootable cdrom with custom boot menu like above.Is it posible to help me.

Any Help Appreciated
Best Regards.


you might try cdshell. i have used it. it is not easy.


Thank you very very much. :slight_smile:


you might also find some information at the forums @


It’s really easy, you don’t need third party crap.

The only think I don’t know how to do is take a temporary stop at the CDROM menu and still have a choice to continue on to Windows using a menu choice. I can however make any menu for anything I want in DOS using built in stuff.

Step 1, make a Windows 98 or Windows ME bootable disk.

Step 2, Add some fancy stuff to autoexec.bat and config.sys

Step 3, make sure that the files IO.sys and MSDOS.sys are of type System, Hidden, and Readonly. Functionally this makes no difference, but most CDBurning software is too retarded to know better, so they need to be that way.

Step 4, Start Nero, or Roxio and head towards the bootable disc option, when prompted, supply your custom startup floppy for it to read.

Step 5, burn the CD.

I will post you a demo in ZIP of a boot image I have on floppy, I don’t feel like recreating it from scratch now, but I have it at work so I will probably post it tomorrow.