Creating CD titles

How does a person add the Album title and song titles to an audio CD?
Every CD I have burned and play in my car, says no title.

I looked around before posting, but didn’t see anything. :bow:

I’m sure there is a way to add this via software, but I am a noob at this burning stuff still. Any help I would be greatly appreciated.

Sonic record & WMP will not title a CD. lol

Thanks in advance.

You need to burn with cd text [B]and[/B] have a player that can read it. Nero, Discjuggler, Burrn, Burnatonce and many other general mastering programs can do this for you.

I know Nero can add CD Text. There’s probably free software that can too, if you search…

I’d go with Burrrn ( for this, so much easier than using the likes of Nero.

Thanks, you guys are the best.