Creating CD "Labels"?

What do I need to create some neat looking but “easy” to create cd labels please? I have cd burners and a printer. Thanks.

You really don’t want to put paper labels on your CD’s. Just get a marker made for writing on CD’s from you local store. Paper labels will cause errors when trying to play.

Nero has a tool to print labels named “Nero cover designer”. I’ve never used, but can take a look at this.

but i agree with Digidave: is better don’t use labels on CDs

This is the very first time I have ever heard about the labels creating error, does this happen with “commercial” cd’s too, meaning the ones we pay $16 for in the stores?

Commercial CD usually don’t have labels applied on surface, but are printed. A label applied on a disc usually cause unbalance of the disc and can also damage a drive if label is applied in a wrong way

ok understood, I just don’t like to write on the cd itself becuase my “handwriting” is not neat so I am looking for an alternative, thanks.

I use Roxio to create my CD labels. Never had a problem with CD’s , although I don’t now do it for DVD’s. I suspect the key thing is to get located centrally.

TIMC, I don’t understand what you mean by “Key thing is to get located centrally”? Can you explain further please?

Also, anyone, what does it involve to “print” directly on the cd? I mean, is there some sort of cheap machine out there for the average user that can do this?

regarding printing on cd/dvd , there are printers that can do so such as epson r300/r800 the r300 is much cheaper im sure there are alot of others too but those are the only ones i know of basicly you put the cd/dvd media on a nice plastic tray like this

the media fits in sorta like it would with a jewel case and the color is injeckting…

You can pick up EPSON R200 printers for around $90.00. Even less if you watch for deals…

There’s all sorts of printers out there. Then again you ahve to purchase printable CD’s/DVD’s. Epson Stylus Photo Printer R300 does a very good job but it’s around $150.00. But like other people have said, stay away from labels. They SUCK.

Yeah, for that price, the r200 is not bad at all, which “brand/types” of cd’s will I have to use that has a printable top though?

taiyo yuden printables you can get em at

Great, thanks, one more issue please, what about printing nice looking “track info” on the inserts? I don’t know what this is called, it is the leaflet that you get when you buy a blank cd where you would write the names of the songs on it and it fits in one of part of the cd case? I would like to have a nice design and colors for this too, thanks.

“Key thing is to get located centrally”?

What’s meant by this is when placing the printed paper label on the CD ensure that it fits on properly, does not overhang etc. If you don’t locate it properly then out of balance could occur I guess.

Regarding printers, to use these you have plain printable CD/DVD media. There has been speculation on this forum that these are not a good idea. Personally my experience would tend to lead me to avoid using these. Others may have more positive experiences.

i guess you mean cd cover , i recommend Acoustica CD/DVD Label Maker for that
its not free but theres a trial
you can download extra art packs from
its easy to use and got alot of good backgrounds

isn’t the Acoustica for making “cd labels”? What I am looking for is to print a nice “sleeve” that fits into the slot of one side of the jewel case which holds the info about the cd. Or, how about this? Is there any way that I can “type” the tracks on the blank [white] inserts that come with the cd’s and their slim jewel cases?

not only cd lables it can do covers as well and what your describing is considered a cover it will do it just fine

I’ll have to check, but I believe that the software that comes with the EPSON printers is capable of printing sleeves as well. Verbatim, and Taiyo Yuden both make good inkjet printable media. I’ve used both and have had no problems at all.

Thanks for the info, I am wondering now just how much work all of this will entail? I have to get the R200 printer to print on the cd itself, then I will have to buy special cd’s for that. This means I will have to buy “separate” Jewel cases and inserts. Isn’t there a way for me to just print the track info on the insert that comes with the blanks cd’s I purchase as opposed to me having to write it by hand?