Creating bootable DVD in TOAST (MacOS X)

I see this question posed in forums but the discussion always moves to creating a MacOS system disk or how to use keyboard shortcuts during boot to force boot from removable media.

I want to create a data CD/DVD that will be bootable on intel hardware. I’m looking at a diagnostic software similar to Spinrite that needs to be the boot media. I would prefer to burn it with TOAST on the Mac but I can use VMWare to bring up a Windows environment to burn from if nothing else will work.

I am familiar with how to burn CDs and DVDs. Have been doing it for years. It’s setting the bootable bit (El Torito) that I am unfamiliar with.



What OS will your bootable DVD have on it, Linux, OS X, or Windows?


I have all the necessary files but the CD spins up and then passes to the hard drive. A little research found that a bit needs to be set to make it bootable. I know how to copy the files to the CD but I just end up with a data CD.

I can burn it successfully in a Windows environment and the 2 CDs (the one made in Windows and the one made with Toast on MacOS X) have exactly the same files. But the Windows disk is bootable and the Mac one isn’t.