Creating and modifying large .ISO images software question

Long of the short of it, I am looking for a piece of freeware (or cheap shareware/etc) that is able to setup (upto 4.7 GIG) an .iso image with the ease/functinality of Easy ISO 1.3 and allows for modifying the file structure for said .iso image BEFORE creating the .iso image. Does such a freeware beast exist?? Is there a cheap shareware/trialware version out there?? Let me know some suggestions/thoughts/etc. THANKS!


P.S. I need this software for three other people that needs it to be as simple as possible. Personally, I just burn the DVD off my PC and go make copies.

Well, I dont really know what you mean, but i know a software that can handle 4.7gb ISO files. Just dont know if its what you are looking for. (Note that it is a shareware, not freeware…)

Go to this site:

Hmmm…I am no expert like some of the others here, but maybe you can use an emulator so that you can ‘burn’ your DVD ISO onto your HDD, edit until your hearts content and then form a new ISO from that?

I remember posting ages ago about whether it was possible to modify CloneCD image files. From what I remember reading, it wasn’t. (Not that it is the same, but the principle is similar)