Creating an ISO?

Ok, how do I go about creating a good ISO that works well? I am able to run Warcraft 3 off of the hard drive but it is slow. It is through Daemon Tools, is this the way you are susposed to do it?

Also, for SoF 2, do you need the second disk at all after installation?

Well the easiest way of creating an iso of an unprotected CD (otherwise you really need clone CD - search the forums about it) if you are running WinXP is to download a power toy called ISO Recorder install and right click on the CD drive and select Copy CD to Image File and follow the wizard - easy :bigsmile:

Both of the ones I want to use are protected.

Warcraft 3 I got to work but I dont think it’s the right way. It’s really slow(unlike with a CD). I mounted it with Daemon tools and used it there.

Soldier of Fortune 2 I want to know if you need the second CD at all to play or not.