Creating an ISO with "symbolic" links

Hello, all. I’ve seen some CD ISO compilations total file size is over the norm (I.E. 900MB+) Seems that some of them use a kind of symbolic link where some files/folders appear more than once on the CD. I’ve googled and come up short. It must not be called symlinking in CDFS / Joliet.

Can anyone clue me in on what apps can do this?


ImgBurn can do it in Build mode; Enable the “Optimise Duplicate Files” option on the Build (Page 1) tab.

UltraISO can do it when editing a disc image; Enable the “Optimize” option on the File System tab in the Properties dialog available in the File menu.

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Thanks, much!

I now see (since “optimize” seems to be the key word) that MagicISO does this as well. Preferences/Optimize/“The same files are only allocated once”