Creating an ISO image with DVDNextCopy Ultimate

I am needing some information if anyone else has encountered this. I recently purchased DVDNextCopy Ultimate with one of the primary purposes for using to create ISO images of my dvd collection so that I could them mount them to a virtual drive and then play them using PowerDVD on a home entertainment system connected to our tv. DVDNextCopy seems to create the ISO image fine even states that the copy was completed succesful. I have tried but DVDNextCopy Virtual Drive and Nero ImageDrive the mount the ISO and with both programs the image mounts fine and the computer even recognizes that a DVD Movie has been inserted. The problem comes when trying the play back the file I have tried it with several DVD Playing Software from PowerDVD, Windows Media, InterVideo, VLC Player and in all cases the dvd will start to play but will only play about the first 10-20 seconds of the intro and then shuts itself off almost as if you had clicked the stop button. I have tried this with at least 12 different DVD from different studios and receive the same problem no matter what DVD I use to create an ISO of. I have been working with support on this situation now for 2 weeks and they have yet to resolve it, so I figured I would toss it out here and see if anyone else has experienced this or has any thoughts on it. One addition piece of information the iso file size appears to be correct in all cases anywhere from 4.3 GB to 8 depending on the dvd I used. Thanks in advance for any information anyone may have on this topic.

Nero sucks on this aspect. And sad to say the VDrive is even worse. I use and suggest to use VCD which is free and have no issues plying back on powerdvd9. Remove VDrive.