Creating an iso file w ISObuster

I don’t well understand the way to create an .iso file using Isobuster??
I left-click on the CD icon in the left part of the window’s application, I select “Extract CD <image>” and then I select "RAW (
.bin *.iso)
but should I specify the extension while choosing the name file??? for exemple “backup.iso” or “backup.bin”… because there is no other way to specify the file extension!
Is ISObuster a good way for creating iso files?
Are there other programs?

ISObuster is mostly meant for opening image files, not creating them.

Creating image files can be done by any burning program, such as Nero, CDRWin, Fireburner, CloneCD (heck, even Easy CD Creator :wink: )

but if the tracks are already on your HD you can use WinISO to create a image!

Is DDump (with frontend) a good tool to get an *.iso file??
an how to burn the file obtained this way with Nero5?