Creating an ISO 9660 Image File C#


i want to Create .iso Images with the Image Recorder from Nero Api. ( C# / ASP.Net ).

The files for the image are stored on different places on the Hard Disk.

I select the Image Recorder with following code:

private NEROLib.NeroDrive		ndrive;
ndrive = (NEROLib.NeroDrive)ndrives.Item(selRecorderIndex);

And start the Process with:


Now where will the iso image saved on the Hard disk? How to set the SavePath?
Or is there an Other way?

Found something in the NERO SDK Dokumentation

If the user decides to use the virtual device and not a real device more
information is needed. The data that NeroCOM creates will be written to an
image file. To provide the location of that file we need to handle the
“OnFileSelImage” event.
Select “nero” from the Object ListBox in the code window. Select
“OnFileSelImage” from the “Procedure” window and change it like this:
Private Sub nero_OnFileSelImage(FileName As String)
ImageFileDialog.CancelError = True
On Error GoTo ErrHandler
ImageFileDialog.Flags = cdlOFNHideReadOnly
ImageFileDialog.FilterIndex = 2
FileName = ImageFileDialog.FileName
Exit Sub
Exit Sub
End Sub

Is it posible to use this Events and Methods in an ASP.NET app?

Is it posible to use this Events and Methods in an ASP.NET app?
ASP, VBScript, JScript etc… do have some limitations with respect to this so your best bet is to try it out yourself.