Creating an audio dvd with nero

Is there a way to create an audio dvd with nero? A friend was asking me if he could put 3-4 audio cds into 1 dvd so that he would listen to it on his home dvd player. Any ideas?

yeah its great, it’ll play on your dvd player. I think you can put atleast 20 cd’s on one dvd at the highest quality,. My ears don’t hear much of a difference btwn 128 kbps and 320 or whatever, if you use 128 you can put 50 cd’s on one dvd that plays in your dvd player. This is how you do it.
1.) Buy the mp3s from Amazon or Lala
2.) I use Nero Express essentials SE, it came with the computer, I think it might be $80 not sure.
3. Click on the Music tab on the left.
4.) Click make audio dvd and dump your files in
you can download the free program called Super to lower your mp3’s to 128 kbps if you want 50 cd’s on one dvd. This is awesome. Its great for audio books and stand-up comedians too. Its all really simple, but feel free to ask more questions, hope it works hassle-free for you, good luck