Creating an audio cd with flac files?

do i need a plugin for this? when i drag and drop flac files to create an audio cd nothing happens…am i doing something wrong? :confused:

What r u using??

Burrrn, baby, Burrrn!!! :cool:

i’m using copytodvd

A-ha… Not too familiar with that prog. I know burrrn does it out of the box, and Nero can also do it but with a plugin. Try to google copytodvd flac plugin.

Agree with that. Small simple and free :slight_smile:

Absolutely. It handles almost all the available formats with ease. It would actually be worth paying for it it weren’t free.

tried it and it worked out pretty good, thanks :slight_smile:

Hi there,

Flac support is broken in VSO CopyToDVD v4.x

A bug report is open with VSO.

A new ßeta is due very soon to support Flac 100%

I’ll keep you posted, if you wish to test the new ßeta.

If it worked, maybe you are lucky, since a few other users mentioned having issues with Flac and it was totaly broken :iagree:

sounds good, any idea when the next version will be out?

Hi there,

I just tested the latest ßeta, and there’s issues, so it will be a little longer.

just curious…has this been fixed yet?


CopyToDVD v4.0.4 (Latest) supports FLAC without a problem.

Upgrade to the latest, you should find success :smiley:

oh ok thanks :slight_smile: