Creating an audio CD from DVD audio tracks

Suppose I had a DVD that I purchased and it happens to be a DVD of a band in concert. Suppose that I wanted to make a CD to play in the car of that concert.

Is this difficult to do? Must I get around copy protection to create a CD of just the audio part of a DVD? I suppose it would be nice to break up the songs so I could skip forward or back a song at a time, but that’s not really mandatory.

I have a lot of audio recording/editing software (Cakewalk Sonar 5 Producer Edition, Sonar 4 PE, Acid Pro 4.0, Cubase LE, SoundForge XE(?), others). I know that if I could get a .wav file of the audio, it would be easy for me to cut it up into several .wav files and then I’ve got Nero to take the .wav files and turn them into .cda files.

So, the real question is, can I get a stereo .wav file off of a DVD and how do I do it?



P.S. I noted somewhere else that some drives make it easier to get around copy protection than others. Given that, I should mention that I’ve got an older Pioneer DVD/CD player, an NEC ND-3540A DVD/CD burner, and a BenQ 1655 DVD/CD burner. Thanks again.