Creating a Virtual Sound Card on Win2k3 Enterprise Server



You need a virtual sound card?

Try Tunebite now, virtual sound card, also removes audio DRM!


I’m running a 1u windows 2003 Enterprise Server with out a sound card.
I want to avoid the option of buying an onboard sound card to be able to encode the streams using windows media encoder 9 and stream both Video and Sound. Are there any Virtual Sound Card Software that i can download to emulate a sound card for 2003 servers or XP machines?


An “onboard-soundcard” would be already on the mobo.

You are using an professsional OS - have you searched the m$ support sites already?


The server does not have an on board sound card installed, with one PCI slot, one for video and nothing for sound, its a Tayan mobo.
Server is running windows 2003 enterprise edition.
Whats m$ support sites?


Whats m$ support sites?

The support sites from micro$oft, those who coded the product you are using.

To use audio in W2003 server, you MUST enable AUDIO first!!!


Virtual Audio Card

It’s free and it works on Windows XP and it creates 3 Virtual Audio Cables as Windows Sound drivers.

It comes from a software kit for a commercial TCP/IP mp3 streaming device. Go figure. Works for me in place of VAC (Virtual Audio Cable) but the latency on my machine is pretty awful. YMMV