Creating a SVCD file?



Help me out here cuz I dunno what I’m doing. I burned a couple of SVCDs using Nero…but I dont know what to do with this other movie:D

it’s one file, 800MB divx. I want to create 2 discs out of it and burn it in SVCD format. I assume nero wouldn’t do all that for me automatically…
I guess I “should” split the file in 2 manually, correct? the only way I know to do this is by using virtualDub. So should I just split the file in 2 and then try to convert and burn the 2 files using nero? is there any better way?


TMPGEnc Plus --> bbMPEG (splitting)


thanks for the reply, but umm I dont really know where to find that option. You see, I’ve never used TMPGEnc before… just got it (plus version):smiley:

besides the splitting question… suppose I have a big file and I want to re-encode it to make it smaller. Is there a way to make sure that the maximum file size after re-encoding would be 700MB (so it would fit on a CD)? if so what program should I use?

I know I’m probably asking annoying newbie questions:D but some guidance is appreciated :slight_smile:


there’s a tutorial for divx to svcd in the tutorials section.


Thanks, I will read it. Mean while I found this if any other newbeee like me wants to read it


@ MrPolite
Just follow the wizard in TMPGEnc Plus and split if needed using bbMPEG (you need to De-multiplex first).
(In TMPGEnc Plus after you’ve encoded) File --> MPEG Tools --> Simple De-multiplex