Creating a safedisk 2.8 cd from a .bin and .cue

I have a .bin and a .cue created from .rar files. The file is for Sim’s unleashed. Safedisk 2.8x. When I burn the cd, it seems to work, let’s install and enter serial number, but after that it says the wrong cd is inserted. I assume I need to remove safedisk when burning, or possibly emulated safedisk when creating the cd. Any ideas on the best way? Most forums have how to copy to a cd or create and image, but not burn from image.

Thanks ahead of time!

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what you need to do first off is delete the bin and cue files. They are not going to work.

Next you need to do is to reimage your cd using Alcohol or BlindWrite. Don’t use .bin and .cue as they contain no copy protection information. Use the SafeDisc 2/3 profile in Alcohol to image and burn snd you should have a working CD.

As your Image is obviously not created by yourself :cop: I think reading the RULES before posting would be nice.

Jumping the gun, he could of made the bin/cue files with a varity of programs without knowing the cabilities of it.

I don’t think I’m wrong as long as emtvicki can explain me why the bin and cue files were created by a rar files, so if there is any reason for this I may be wrong ;).

He could of for some wild n wacky reason, packed these files for what ever reason, such as storage for later use.

merther02 is right he could ave packed them away for later use. I do that all the time since my hard drive is very cluttered. I keep the images just incase my backup is destroyed.

Unless he broadcasts “hi, I downloaded this” who are you to judge…

/thinks about this…

Nahh your right really, :bigsmile:

Anyway Womble’s method sorting out this problem seems to be the best way :).

Wow, I didn’t realize my name could be mistaken for a guy’s. EMTVicki

Thanks for the info.