Creating a protected disk



I think i am the only one who is req the opp… :doh:

So the problem is i have a presentation in my collage in 7 days and for that i need to make a dvd with all my C programs and 6 AVI demo video files and submit the DVD to my lecturer. This happened last year also but my C programs came up in someone elses report and after i checked the programs i found out that he copied my prog. and gave them up as his own… :eek:

So i wanted to know if there is any process by which he can not copy any of my prog’s or at least my demo avi tapes… :sad:

The size of C files is 132Mb (431 C programs) :bigsmile:
The size of the demo files is about 400 Mb each…

Anyone who can help me pls dooo…!! :bow: