Creating a picture slide show in Nero Vision Express 2 SE

I am using Nero Vision Express 2 SE version which is part of Nero Express 6 to create a picture slide show. The photos I am using have been taken with a digital camera and saved in the jpeg format. The pictures look great on my computer screen when viewed with windows file explorer or in Photoshop or any other program. The problem is when I put them in Nero Vision Express 2 SE slide show creator they look bad. The resolution is poor and the pictures look fuzzy. This is from the preview within Nero Vision Express 2 SE. I imagine they would look worse once burned onto a CD and viewed on my TV through the DVD player (which is my primary goal).

Am I doing something wrong? I have followed all the instructions. I thought the photos would be at least as good as viewing them through windows file explorer?
Can Photoshop 7 make a slideshow capable of playing in set-top DVD player?