Creating a picture slide show in Nero Vision Express 2 SE

I am using Nero Vision Express 2 SE version which is part of Nero Express 6 to create a picture slide show. The photos I am using have been taken with a digital camera and saved in the jpeg format. The pictures look great on my computer screen when viewed with windows file explorer or in Photoshop or any other program. The problem is when I put them in Nero Vision Express 2 SE slide show creator they look bad. The resolution is poor and the pictures look fuzzy. This is from the preview within Nero Vision Express 2 SE. I imagine they would look worse once burned onto a CD and viewed on my TV through the DVD player (which is my primary goal).

Am I doing something wrong? I have followed all the instructions. I thought the photos would be at least as good as viewing them through windows file explorer?
Can Photoshop 7 make a slideshow capable of playing in set-top DVD player?

I had the same problem with Nero Express but found that quality was greatly improved by using Super Videeo CD format.

Thank you for your reply tomox.

I did not know you could make a slide show in SVCD.
How do you do that? Please.

Open Vision Express (I am using Version 2.10.4)of 2SE and Click on ‘Make New Slide Show’. One of the sub-menu items should be
‘Super Video CD’ - click on that and away one goes.

Thanks for your help tomix. How did your slide show come out on SVCD? Was it alot clearer than VCD?

Yes, there was a noticeable difference in quality between VCD and SVCD. Probably best to try a short sample of each using CD/RWs and see how it works for you. The ‘mechanics’ of creation are exactly the same for both once you have selected the format. I suppose it is possible that your stand-alone player may not be able to handle both formats but give it a whirl.

I have discovered that to obtain good quality pictures you have to buy the DVD plug-in (rip off or what!) but can anyone please advise how to adjust the orientation of the pictures within the slideshow - all I seem able to get is portrait

On my version of Vision Express after I select the pics I wish to include they appear in strip format below the main window. Just below them is a row of radio buttons, two of which are rotate buttons.
If using Nero Express to place jpg’s onto a CD then I think you have to obtain the right orientation externally eg using the Windows XP tool before putting them into Nero. Also, and I may be wrong here, I feel that the plug in is required only when using Express not Vision Express - but happy to be corrrected on that point.

Thank you for your reply but I think I may have misled you. The problem I have is that the picture appears ‘squashed’ up. For example I have a group photo set in landscape which appears as it should in the playback window. However when I choose to view it full screen instead of it being a wide group photo the picture is not wide and the characters appear elongated because the picture has been condensed in width although they are still the correct way up. There does not appear to be any control over expanding or shrinking the picture within the slideshow - in Roxio CDCreator for example you could choose to make the picture automatically fit the screen or retain aspect ratio. I would be amazed if this were missing from this program as I believe it to be an essential part of any slideshow program. And yes the plug-in is required for both programs