Creating a movie DVD from scratch

I’m somewhat lost in the DVD world about making movies.
I have Mini-DV tapes, from which I can make AVI files.
This is the starting point.

The ending point I want to get to is a DVD that I can insert into a standard DVD player and play it.

I have the footage on tapes, I have DVDs to burn.
The questions I have are:
I will want to create some DVD menus and chapters, not just “dump footage” on DVDs.
What is the process ? Is there just one program that takes care of the complete process, or are there several that I will need ?
i.e I have Nero and TMPGEnc… but I don’t know if I need them or what to do with them in what order – I’m not sure how they fit into the whole picture.

I couldn’t find a tutorial or a How to on cdfreaks, but I’m not sure I’ve looked everywhere.

can you help ?

You need to convert the AVI to dvd mpeg2 streams to start with. See the DIVX/AVI to DVDR Tutorial for that, then author in DVDLab or TMPGEnc DVD Author, these can add menus, chapter points, load mutiple movies, then compiles (authors) to a set of VOB files ready to burn.

Or you can use NeroVision Express,pretty easy,and it came with Nero 6