Creating a mix cd with track info


I have searched all the forums on this excellent site, and read all the posts about creating continuous mix cd’s divided into tracks, but wandered if anyone has advice for my situation…

I have created a 70 minute mix of US House music on MiniDisc, then copied it to my hard disk as a WAV using Sound Forge 7, added some EQ and a little compression, and finally defined regions for each track.

What I want to be able to do is burn the WAV to cd so it plays continuously (no gaps), but has track info so I can skip backwards and forwards between each track, and have the artist and track info show up as cd text. Sound Forge has a Track-At-Once feature, so I can burn the whole mix as a single track, or extract the regions I created into seperate WAV files, but when they get burnt, Sound Forge adds a 1 second gap at the end of each track.

I can do the splitting and adding text on the minidisc deck but it takes forever, and I’m thinking there must be a way to do this in Sound Forge or another program. Looking at the existing posts on this subject I see conflicting advice and different recommendations. Can anyone advise me on how to acheive this?

I’m using WinXP Home and a SONY DRU-510A. I have no other audio or cd software apart from Sound Forge 7, but don’t mind investing in some if you have a recommendation.


Welcome to CD Freaks Forums Johnny! Hope you’ll find allot of info here!

About your ‘mixcd’. A year back I’ve written a tutorial howto do this. You can read it here. It was done with Nero 5.5. However in Nero 6 it’s exactly the same.
You can add your CD Text to all different tracks you make by looking at their properties when you’ve made the tracks in Nero.

Good luck!

Thanks Wookie - great guide! A follow-up question: How does Nero compare with Feurio and Roxio EasyCD Creator 6 - in relation to what I want to do? Can they all do that?

Thanks pal

Feurio is better.
Drop the WAV in a project, open Track Editor, and click “Split tracks (linked)”. Much faster than Nero when you open the zoom, and better visualization.

In Nero you’ll have to remember to set the pauses to zero always.
Some Nero versions are also buggy and the compilation is corrupted when saving it. You have to burn it after the work.

Track At Once shouldn’t be used for audio discs NEVER.

Don’t forget that this option in Feurio or Nero, is non destructive. The original WAV won’t be modified.

If you want to burn the WAV files cutted with SoundForge, Feurio and “Do not insert pauses between tracks” is the only option.

Thanks Minix

I tried your suggestion and it worked perfectly. Thanks for the advice. Feurio may not be the slickest peice of software, but it does exactly what I needed it to do. I appreciate you taking the time to advise me.