Creating a menu - Nero6

I’m a man on a mission to dump all my VHS tapes!

I have a bundle of .vob’s. I want to put these on a disc but with a menu so I can navigate on a standalone player.

I’m using Nero6 and presume I create a VCD compilation but I can’t see any reference to creating a menu.

Anyone tell me what I’m missing?

Cheers, Sean

Why would you use VOB files on VCD??

VOB is mpeg2 which normally goes on DVD, or SVCD if they have the required res & bitrate.

Using menus on VCD is difficult, they are not really specified for this format and will not work with most players anyway.

OK, so [in Nero] I should be using the DVD or SVCD options.

Then I should be able to create a menu?

Cheers, Sean

In nero you can use the “make your own dvd-video” option and it will go through all the steps from start to a burned dvd. You start by adding your files (many kinds including avi), step through making buttons for each title, a background etc. It creates the menus automatically (they are kind of cheesy but they allow pics/vid for buttons and background), and then it burns it for you.
Just one note though. I have always heard that nero will always re encode mpeg files (which takes a couple of hours), but recently discovered that it aparently doesn’t re encode .vob files. These were even mpeg 2 files to start with that I just renamed to .vob and it did 11 20 minute files in about 25 minutes (burned to a hard drive folder, not a disk). Maybe it was a fluke or something but there is no way it could have re encoded them in that time. Even though your capture device is probably creating mpeg 2 files, and nero can deal with those mpeg 2 files just fine, there might be an advantage to renaming them to vob.

Maybe this can help you: