Creating a Menu from scratch

Hi all

I use Winavi to merge many files into one DVD titleset. It is a complete DVD structure without a menu. There are many good DvdReMake guides on how to replace an exsisting menu but how do you import a menu (created with DVDlab) into DvdReMake where none was before.

Currently I am using the demo version to see if this will work.

I don’t know how Winavi merge files, but are they all in one VTS?

I think it is easier to do all this in DVDLab. You can import the Winavi files into the DVDLab asset bin (all demuxed into elementary streams) and then into the Movie section, with defined chapters. With the menu created, you can have the number of created buttons to link to the movie chapters.

With the DvdReMake approach, adjustment of some commands from First Play is necessary to point to the imported menu, whether it is in VMG or VTSM domain. So the DVDLab approach is easier as it routes everything for you.

Many I do in DVDlab, however, some files lose audio sync during DVDlab’s demux and then remux, even though the sync is perfect in the original. I can only guess the reason, but with so many source formats being turned into one format, I’m sure there are a whole myriad of reasons.

But I know the original is perfect when left untouched.

Now, being the smart lad I am, I think I have figured it out.

  1. import the Winavi created DVD files. (project 1)
  2. import the dummy DVDlab created DVD files. (project 2)
  3. In Project 1, right click on “Video Title Set #” and select “Add Language Unit”. This creates a subfolder “Menus” under the Title set. This is where I was stumped before. I was expecting to find the words “create menu” or something.
  4. Optional: In Project 1, right click on Menus and select “Set Languge Code”. This is necessary if you want to make a multi-lanuage DVD.
  5. In Project 1, right-click on Menus, and select “Add PGC”. This will put a subfolder “PGC1” under the menus.
  6. In Project 2, right click on the menu you wish to copy and select “copy PGC”
  7. Back to Project 1; right-click Menus and select “add copied PGCs”. Do 6 & 7 again if there is more that one menu.
  8. In Project 1, right-click PGC1 and Select “Set Menu Catagory/Root Menu”
  9. In Project 1, make a command in PGC1 “Link PGC2”
  10. In Project 1, Under “Video Manager/First Play” change the command to ‘Jump VTS 1 “root” menu (title 1)’

I’m just a newbie to this software, so I am sure there are a few imperfections to this method, but it works for my needs.

Works fine and I’m off now to buy the software.

I’m impressed. You manage to figure it out on your own. :smiley: I guess you have some background in DVD authoring?

Just a few pointers to save you some steps. You can skip Steps 5 and 9. When you add copied PGC to Menus domain with no existent PGC, it will be PGC 1, and you can set it as Root menu. Note that “Add copied PGCs” also copies all the PGC attributes (all commands, audio/sub track info, CLUT, Extras info, UOPs, etc). The details of the attributes are shown by right-clicking on PGC and “Paste attributes”, which is enabled only after you make a copy.

You might have some red highlighted item in the DVD tree after adding a copied PGC, such as invalid commands. Make sure you fix this first before exporting to ensure proper navigation.