Creating a DVD with Subtitles



I am having a problem importing subtitles into an avi file. I have already separated the audio and video streams in VirtualDub Mod, I also have the subtitle file .sub that I have converted to the .ssa format.I have used Subresync to add the subtitles to the avi file.I tested the avi file in Windows Media Player 9.0 and the subtitles were visible, however when I tried to encode the movie to DVD format in TMPEGEnc Xpress 3.0 the subtitles were no longer present. I know there are at least two ways of creating a DVD with subtitles believe the 1st method is image overlay and the 2nd method is creating a subtitle directory. I am unsure of how to import subtitles into an avi or mpeg file and still have them present after encoding to DVD NTSC format.


Best way is to have a read of the DIVX to DVDR Tutorial in the tutorial section. It can import Subs as MicroSubs *.sub or SubRip *.srt and either hard coded into the video stream or converted to subs that can be turn on or off as per a normal DVD.

You can use TMPGEnc (not TMPGEnc Xpress though) if you have it rather than CCE as suggested in the Tutorial.