Creating a DVD ... files missing .IFO

hey guys,

i used DVD decrypter to copy some dvd’s. i chose to copy in File mode.
when it finished i had these files:

now i try to burn them to a DVD with DVD Shrink, but it says DVDShrink has encountered an error with this file: VIDEO_TS.IFO

what program do i need to create this VIDEO_TS.IFO file?


Well you only selected the main movie with dvd decryptor and that is your problem. Yes you do need to use file mode, but select all of the files on the disc and decrypt to your hard drive, because that is what shrink is expecting to see.

what program should i use to burn this then? would it work if i dragged those files to a dvd disk?


Just grab your original dvd movie , fire up dvd shrink and transcode the entire dvd instead of just the movie. Simple as that. Then use Nero to burn.

The current files will doubtly be not playable on your standalone dvd player , because you miss the other files.