Creating a DVD Ad



My community’s civic association is sponsoring a free outdoor family movie night. I have been asked to create a static ad that thanks the sponsors who have helped defray the costs. While folks are getting settled in for the evening, this ad is to be projected onto the screen from the standalone DVD player that will be used to play the movie. I have the one page ad prepared. I would like your ideas about the best ways to create the DVD that the standalone DVD player can use to show the ad.

I have created DVD slide shows before, but that was using photos. Right now this ad is a WORD document. Do I need to convert it into a photo file or is there some other way to have the standalone DVD player show the ad?



I’m not sure if this is the best way or not, but if it will all fit on your screen, you can just pull it up, hit the print screen button, open paint, hit ctrl+v to paste the image, and save as a jpg.