Creating a duel language dvd


First I would like to introduce myself. I live in the South of Spain and use computers daily to produce websites, to program and to create video dvd’s.

I am retired and to give some clue to my age I used the internet before it was the internet, ie sending raw data over telephone lines, then came Prestel.

Now I need some expert help. I have read many comments on this site, not just in this forum but in others, so I think this is the correct place to ask.

I have a need to create a dvd so the user can select to view in Spanish or English language, much the same as commercial dvd’s.

I have two computers linked together.

  1. Windows XP 2 mg ram nvida graphics 512 4 terabytes of hard disc space
  2. Hp 64 bit with 4mg ram nvida graphics 512 1 terabyte internal hard disc.

I have Pinnacle 12 and Corel X2 plus lots of converters etc.

So computing power is not a problem.

How do achieve this however is.

Kind Regards

What type of video are you starting with? Is this from a camcorder, a tv capture, avi files?

You’ll need meg2 video in fairly strict specifications. For a PAL dvd you’ll want 720 x 576 resolution, 25fps, and the audio should be MP2, AC3 or PCM at 48khz. Bitrate for the video should be no higher than 8000kbps or so to leave room for the audio.

If your video already meets those standards, all you need is a authoring program that can accept more than one audio stream. If your video does not meet them, you’ll have to encode the video then author to dvd-video format.

There are all in one packages for sale that can convert and author for you, like the TMPGenc programs.

My preferred tool for authoring is DVDLab Pro. It can accept up to 8 audio channels per title. But unless you get the Pro2Edit Suite, it doesn’t include an encoder to convert video to the necessary mpeg2, and it is rather expensive. There is a free, fully functional trial of DVDLab Pro available for download.

One of the most capable free authoring tools is GUIforDVDAuthor. You might want to look at it as an alternative.


The video is MPEG2 720x576 and the audio is mp2 but I do not understand what you mean by “strict specifications”.

I have tried to open the file in GUIforDVDauthor but the file is not seen so I must assume it does not conform to the strict MPEG2 format.

Kind Regards

Have you read the guide for GUIforDVDAuthor. Here is the page for getting started using the program:

It might help to demux your mpeg2 file into elementary streams, as the program seems to prefer them (remember I use a different authoring program :slight_smile: ). You can Demux the mpeg2 files with TMPGenc using the Mpeg tools. It is free to use.

Once you install TMPGenc, click on File–>Mpeg tools–>Simple Demultiplux. This process will give you separate audio and video streams from the original mpeg file, but will not erase or change the original file. You can then import these streams into GUIforDVDAuthor.

All this assumes the mpeg files are compliant. The specifications you’ve listed make me think they are. You can check the frame rate to see if it is 25fps, and the audio to make sure it is at 48khz by looking at the mpeg file in Gspot Video Utility or use MediaInfo.


Thanks for the reply I will check out what you suggest and probably download the program you use, trial version is for 30 days I believe.

Thanks again for your response, it looks like I will now become a regular on the forum especially with service like this.

Kind Regards