Creating a DOS Boot CD in Nero 7

Ok, here goes,
Im trying to make a pretty advanced DOS BOOT CD and nero is driving me crazy, ive made about 5 coasters already…
Heres what im trying to do, I have a 62 mb flash drive, im using a utility called Barts network boot disk creater
It will allow me to auto detect NIC cards, and also add in NEW NDIS driver for newer cards as time and cards change.
So, what im trying to do, is i use the utility and run it against my Flash drive, it makes my flash drive bootable with the bart nic utility on it, it works from the flash drive itself… then im trying to create a BOOTABLE CD off of that image.
I have tried 20 different combinations to get this to work, and i cant belelive it is being such a pain to me. :a :a
Any help in doing this would be greatly appreacited./