Creating a cue file

hi people hope this is the right place to post but anyway if someone coould help me out i would be buzzzin :bigsmile:

i like to create my own sets on the pc for me and me m8s but when i put them onto cd i cant get rid of the 2 sec gaps with nero or maby its my burner? but iv been told if i create a TOC in a cue file or something then i can just burn that and it will burn like a proper cd with no gaps.

anyway thanks for looking i :bow: to your wisdom lol

Did you turn the 2 sec gaps to zero? Right-click on the track (or group of tracks), choose “Properties” and set the “Pause” value to zero (leave out the 1st track, it’ll have in any case the 2 seconds gap at the beginning).

Burn the CD in Disc at Once mode.

Hope this helps,


yea m8 i did that but when i come to burn it says that my burner cant allow it :frowning:

but i know when there is a cue file then it lets them all burn straight away with no gaps

Why don’t you try Burrrn or EAC. Both are excellent programs for this and both are free!

I would definetely try EAC. You may also want to look at this program

Out of curiosity, what burner is it? :eek:
BTW, if you really need software to create/edit/parse CUE files, there are some listed at the end of the Wiki page about CUE sheets. :wink:


its a [I]HP 8100 plus [/I] it is really old :frowning: gona have a look on the wiki and them programs thanks