Creating a CD-ROM


We have produced DVDs for several years but now have a client interested in a CD-ROM. I have no idea where to start. Is there software to do this?

Any help would be appreciated.


You can burn CD-ROM with something like ImgBurn in build mode. Otherwise you can use Nero…

What software were you using for the DVDs?

We can burn the discs, however, I need to author them (create the pages, navigation, etc). That’s where my question lies. Does the program you mentioned do this?

For DVDs, we author using DVD Studio Pro by Apple.

Ah OK, I see. ImgBurn is a CD/DVD writing program.

Just a few questions:

[li]Does your client want video content on the CD-ROM, to end up as a VCD, SVCD, or mini-DVD?[/li][li]What is the original form of the material to be authored?[/li][li]Is it essential for the applications to be for Mac, or could they be PC-based?[/li][/ol]

Navigation menus is no good idea even with SVCD, VCD or XVCD/XSVCD.

DVD is the way to go then…

And you cannot burn a CD-ROM, a CD-ROM is pressed - you can burn CD-R and CD-RW however. The mediatype cannot be changed.

Thanks chef; good points… :iagree: :flower:

np, master. :flower: