Creating a bootable Mac disc with XP

Hi all.

Forgive my first post being a needy one, I hope someone can help me.

Basically, I have some DMG files that I need to burn on an XP machine to then boot on a Mac. As I could not find any software to burn the DMG to a disc on XP, I mounted them on the Mac, and then transferred the files from within the DMG’s across to the PC via the network.

Can I now create an image with Nero that will load on a Mac, I believe in HFS format? I am trying to make the switch to the world of Apple you see!

The Mac I have has no cd/dvd burner, hence I am struggling :frowning:

I would appreciate any advice, and thank you in advance. :bow:

EDIT: FYI, the hardware is an Imac, and the software was sent to me by the person I got the machine off on a DVD (with multiple disk images on it, a backup I presume). Sadly, the machine has no DVD drive, doh!


I doubt you’ll easily find a tool that burns kinda HFS/HFS+ format.

Just try Imgburn, just burn the image/iso.