Creating a Blu-ray movie backup



For testing over the weekend I downloaded AnyDVD HD v6.6.3.4 And BD - Rebuilder v0.33.02 (Beta) copying The Bourne Identity. I set the mode in BD - Rebuilder to Movie Only Backup - then again to Full Backup. In both cases the movie played fine although it appeared the dynamic sound and contrast was comprised some. The bigger issue, however, was either way I wasn’t able to select scenes or show a main menu. Did I do something wrong or is this the way it is - and if this is the way it is, what’s the difference between movie only and full backup?


Sound should not be compromised at all if you have put a check mark in the box to retain HD Audio for BD 25 encoding (in Settings). Or did you make a BD-5 or BD-9 backup?

Movie only takes out the menu and extras. Full backup [B]should [/B]work normally on a 25gb backup. I emphasize should, because I always make movie only backups, and haven’t got much experience making full ones…not since the early days of the program.


I am making BD 25 discs. The “Retain Audio …” box was not checked so I’ll try it again. Thanks.

I don’t know what else to try to get the menus.scenes


There is no need to use BD - Rebuilder to make the exact copy of your material.
Usually it makes perfect sense to use 50GB media for 50 Gb material :slight_smile: