Creating a Blu-ray movie backup



I recently purchased all of the hardware and software to create Blu-ray backups - or at least I thought I did. I bought S/L media. The first movie I attempted to copy was 40+ GB so obviously that didn’t work.

My question is "Do most Blu-ray movies require D/L media? At $12-15 per disk compared with $2 it’s not quite the deal I originally thought it would be.


You have a few different options first the easiest is get some BD-R DL from ebay you can bet them for about $5-$8 each.

Second you can use tsMuxer to do a movie only backup, you can use BDInfo to see what play list is the movie.

Third you can use BD-RB to compress the whole disc to a single layer keeping the menus and extras but that can take over a day depending on your PC.

Most Blu-Ray movies are on dual layer discs so for myself I use BD-R DL discs and for my friends I do a movie only backup with tsMuxer.


By the way, [B]BD-RB[/B] in MrPete’s reply refers to BD Rebuilder. It is a free program for compressing Blu ray video to fit onto 25gb blu ray media. You can also compress to fit onto single or double layer dvds, though not all blu ray players will be able to use those formats.

BD Rebuilder lets you make full backups, or just the main movie.


Thanks for the info. I have another question:
I have several video clips taken from movies I like to consolidate onto 1 disc. I thought I could increase the number of clips on a single disc by writing to Blu-ray media but it didn’t come out right. The video plays back like it’s being fast forwarded and totally out of sync with the sound so now I’m assuming that’s because you can’t simply copy a non-Blu-ray movie to Blu-ray. Is this correct?