Creating a "Best Hits" DVD

First off, let me apologize if this has been discussed before. if it has, please point me to the appropriate thread (I searched, and couldn’t come up with anything relevant).

What I want to do is create a DVD of various scenes from my DVDs. Simply a “Best Hits” DVD. I’ve got a few ethnic DVDs and my wife wants a compilation DVD created with her favourite scenes/songs. I know how to copy a full DVD, I just don’t know to begin to do this, though.

I suspect it’s going to require some kind of authoring software to allow me to capture these specific scenes and then stitch them together (how about a menu and chapter stops?). I figure once that’s done, Nero will be enough to burn them.

Any pointers?




DVD Lab Pro OR Tmpg DVD Author should suffice for all that you mentioned along with DVD Decrypter for first ripping the Dvd to the proper streams(read the guide).

Hope this helps.