Creating a 1 Button, "PLAY ALL" Menu selection for DVD w/ Chapters? (NVExpress 2)

I’m trying to stick with the program I have which is NeroVision Express 2…
The problem I have is when I create chapters in lets say a single MPEG2 file and go to personalize the menu — it offers the ONE button, BUT when selected it opens up the chapter menu… I would like to HIDE or DISABLE displaying the chapter menu, so when I select the button on the menu page it PLAYS ALL instead of showing chapters.

The other thing is, which is basically the same, but adds more frustration to the project is when I have 2 files that I have but joined in NeroVision and created chapters in… when I go to personalize the menu — it offers TWO buttons, and when you select either one it ofcourse opens to the chapter menu instead of playing the movie or selection.

Anyone using this product knows what I’m talking about, so is it anyway to disable showing the “chapter menu” when selecting the video file button and go straight to playing the movie OR must I switch programs to accomplish this??? :confused:

Your expertise would be much appreciated!!! Let me know… thanks in advance…

On Nero Vision DVD MENU DESIGN screen:
At the top right of the screen see MENUS TO USE: select TITLE MENUS ONLY

Will this still let you pick a chapter menu if you want to?

I like having my titles just start playing without going to a chapter menu first, but I like having a chapter menu to selet as well.

Anyone know if there is a way for the title to “play all” when selected instead of going to the chapters screen, but still have a chapter screen as an option if needed?