Creating 30 second mp3 sample clips

Hi ppl!

My first post here. I’m curently working a new website for a record store. One of the things the client wants is the ability to add 30 music clips. I was wondering if anyone knows of a software packages (pref. free) that can record short clips of music, rather than ripping the entire track then chopping it down in an editor? Maybe a demo package that’s limited to recording short clips for demo’ing purposes would do.


i like a challenge. i know dbpowerAMP can do a perfect job of what u want, BUT u need the powerpack, and that ain’t free :frowning:

ok, got it. get a copy of audiograbber [itz free]. get the lame dll too and put it in audiograbber’s install folder. then in settings you find

Cheers Gosters, I’ll give it a go! Your a star!! =)